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May 2017 Diary of A v H and who I think won each day.

Be advised these are guesstimations based on incomplete data.
05/01/2017, Mon tie tie
05/02/2017, Tue Won x 2
05/03/2017, Wed Won lost
05/04/2017, Thu Won lost
05/05/2017, Fri Won lost
05/06/2017, Sat Won lost
05/07/2017, Sun tie tie
05/08/2017, Mon tie tie
05/09/2017, Tue tie tie
05/10/2017, Wed Won x 2 lost
05/11/2017, Thu Won x 2 lost
05/12/2017, Fri tie tie
05/13/2017, Sat Won lost
05/14/2017, Sun Won lost
05/15/2017, Mon Won x 3 lost
05/16/2017, Tue Won lost
05/17/2017, Wed lost Won
05/18/2017, Thu Won x 2 lost
05/19/2017, Fri lost Won
05/20/2017, Sat Won lost
05/21/2017, Sun Won lost
05/22/2017, Mon tie tie
05/23/2017, Tue Won x 2 lost
05/24/2017, Wed Won lost
05/25/2017, Thu Won x 3 lost
05/26/2017, Fri Won x 2 lost
05/27/2017, Sat tie tie
05/28/2017, Sun Won lost
05/29/2017, Mon Won lost
05/30/2017, Tue Won lost
05/31/2017, Wed Won lost